Ink & Blood

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Introduction @ Who Am I ?

I am a woman who trying hard to live in such harsh world which took me to the different level of self-consciousness, respecting humanity and act towards kindness without hesitation. I stand against malevolence, war,  act of killing, poverty and I do belive in DOING GOOD IS THE WAY TO LIVE GOOD.

I found the path of humanity, compassion, sincerity and honesty is the path to embrace peace and giving peace to others too. My focus is altered for good and to reach the best in my sense of humanity, I made a pleadge to stand for the kindness and act to prove my intention. I am getting active in doing act of charity in order to help the needy , the poor and the poeple who need help but they been ignored and rejected by other institution.

As an advocate and solicitor, ex-banker and litigator, I know justice might be unreachable for the poor and for that reason, the poor and the less-fortune society tend to downgrade and their life almost insignificant to the financially strong and influential people. Some people use their charity organization to have more privileges for themselves but not the poor. I did experience the hardship and knew so much of hindrance and obstacles for the poor to mobilize their life and get the help.        

Currently I am a businesswoman with little international trade business and  the founder and  the Secretary General for Humanity Al Falah since 2009 ( Persatuan Kebajikan Insan Al Falah Kuala Lumpur dan Selangor), an association for charity and non-profit organization registered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in year 2011. The organization is actually based on my travelling experiences to poor and war torn nation in Africa region (few countries including Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Mozambique) and Asia Sub-Continent including North West Frontier- Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (FATA) Pakistan-Afghanistan to plan for a distribution of medical supply to fight malnutrition, lack of vitamins and medicine for other vector disease.I made my real and on ground assessment with victim of the nature disaster and war which bring me to a conclusion that I must stand up for humanity in words and in action.    At own cost & causes I contributed to some trusted people to assist me to provide some medicine/books, food and clothes. And I am assisting the unlisted poor in every place visited including the current domicile (Malaysia).

I am one of the host at ~ Unity Renaissance of Consciousness ~ The UROC Globosity Initiative was envisioned as response to mounting tension in the world for the effort to promote peace and ease suffering. It is based in the belief that we share localized consciousness. This is not connected to any religion, but does recognize a universal life force to unity man race for peace. Later on I was named as one of the founders) Circle in “Global Community Designs” registered United States of America with endeavour and venture to encourage a paradigm of healing and protection of the universe , mother-earth are worth and precious.

I raised the idea and organize an international poetry competition for charity " Poetry To Aide " with technical support from a movement named  “Poets and Artists for a Different World Movement” (where I am one of the appointed founders) The theme is against War and Poverty and I do hope this joint effort could trigger the awareness, consciousness and reduce the act of war and together poverty could be reduce and everybody deserve a good life with better opportunity for education, safety and peace.

With love, please forgive me and I love you .




Flood Relief Program at Kuantan, Pahang and Kemaman on December 2013 and with me in the picture is MyBioStar owner known as Pak Faisal KS. 

We were successfully tackle and handle the cleanliness issue including bad odour due to pile of rubbish at relief center by using his EM and Humanity Al Falah would like to thank him for his effort for humanity in Malaysia.