Ink & Blood

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Join me to say your hope for peaceful living, mutual respect towards humanity and stand for our mother-earth from manipulation, greed and irresponsible act which lead towards disaster. Submit your art work, article, speech , poetry, agenda and material which is useful to create love, awareness and respect to my email. Avoid over-vulgar words and element of hatred, racism but strong statement is welcomed.

December 2013, at Flood Relief Center Kuantan Pahang with MyBioStar owner known as Pak Faisal KS to assist and tackle the cleanliness issue in the flood affected area. Sending help where ever we could. 
Thank you to the MyBioStar owner for his effort to assist the flood victim in Malaysia.


Humanity Al Falah had successfully create awareness about the worst in WAR & Poverty. As co-founder of this charity organization , we do hope the all kind of war could be stop and human will respect HUMANITY IN ABSOLUTE. 

With LOVE, PEACE AND HOPE , we must stand firm against inhumane treatment against each-other and MAY PEACE COME BACK TO THIS MOTHER-EARTH.